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    Annabel - I just love it. Annabel Lee is my favourite poem, I think Belle is a super sweet nickname and I also like all the Ann- options that come with it. The meaning is lovely as well.

    Florence - It has a really pretty sound.

    Josephine - it's sweet and I think Josie is cute. As far as Jo- names go I prefer Johanna, though.

    Camilla - Just reminds me too much of Prince Charles' wife. I think Camille is nicer. Camilla sounds a bit prudish to me.
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    My order goes; Annabel,Josephine, Florence then Camilla.

    I think Annabel sounds best with Isaac (loving this name!!). I know of siblings called Isaac and Beatrice (nn Bea) i always thought this was beautiful
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    Thank you all so much for your incredibly thoughtful responses! I had never thought as Loren for a nickname for Florence. I also had never really noticed how alike Camilla and Miles are. Perhaps that's why I like it.
    Our dream family has three children and I love Isaac and Miles together, so I don't want anything to spoil that.

    I really wanted names like Poppy, Ruby, Violet etc. before I became pregnant but early on in the pregnancy my heart kept telling me this baby won't wear those names.

    Josephine and Annabel are my DH's picks and they are growing on me. I love the history of Josephine and meaning of Annabel.
    I guess I'll work on some middles and talk it over with DH when he's receptive to the discussion again

    So far I like:

    Josephine May (my sister and MIL's birth month)
    Annabel Eve (for the meaning)
    Josephine Olivia (for my best friend)
    Annabel Joyce (Grandmother's name)

    I guess Annabel Eve and Josephine May might be a nice sibset if we have two girls

    Thanks for listening!

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    I like Annabel the most So sweet and timeless with Isaac! My next favorite is Camilla, then Josephine, then Florence! I think you could make two lovely combos with these four names: Annabel Florence and Camilla Josephine. Congrats on your upcoming arrival - how exciting!

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    Right as I posted this I saw your response....yes, Annabel Eve and Josephine May are divine! I will also suggest Annabel Florence Eve and Josephine Camilla May (I love three names for girls!)

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