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    I love the name Isaac.....My favorite is Annabel, Florence, Josephine, and Camilla. I only really love Camille, but not Camilla.
    Annabel has lots of nickname options, and is timeless. Florence is a modern and vintage classic with the option of Wren or Loren as a nickname. Josephine has the super cute Josie nickname option, but I prefer Josefina. Josefina is a bit different but familiar enough to avoid being labeled as odd.

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    I'll rank them and rate them, as well.

    1. Josephine (10/10) I love this name so much. It's got such a rich history, a beautiful sound, and it's refined and sophisticated. When she's young, she can be adorable little Josie. When she gets a little older, she can be Josephine. It's a name that flows through all the ages very seamlessly. Not to mention, it's a classic gem.

    2. Annabel (10/10) This is such a beautiful name, and it has a very cool, sweet, vintage-yet-modern vibe to it. I love that she can go by "Anna" or "Belle," whatever it is she sees fit. The only reason this is my #2 is because of the spelling. If it were "Annabelle," it would have been my number one.

    3. Florence (7/10) It's a fine, sturdy name with a rich history. It works on the creative child, but it's not really one I see being appreciated on every child. For some reason, this name is tied with the "Flo the Progressive Girl" image.

    4. Camilla (3/10) I've never liked this name. It's stuffy and old, and I only see Princess Camilla's face when I think of this name. Not for a modern little girl.

    I'd go with Josephine, nickname Josie.
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    Camilla, Josephine, Florence, Annabel is my order, but I like them all.
    1. Camilla. It's just so sweet! It has cute nicknames, but it good on it's own. It's a versatile name, you might get a little tomboy or a princess. Nn: Cammie/Cammy, Mila/Milla, Milly, Lala. Isaac and Camilla works but not amazingly because of the end with a C, start with a C. A lot of similar letters too. Isaac, Camilla, and Miles works too, but not as well, because Miles is sort of in the Milla of Camilla.
    2. Josephine. It's a solid, respectable name. Also versatile. I sort of think this needs a nn, at least while she's young. NN: Josie or Phina? Isaac and Josephine is good!
    3. Florence. Unique, but I don't love the name. She would need a nn, maybe Florie, Flora, Flo. Oh Flo is really sweet! I much prefer Flora. It isn't great with Isaac though IMO.
    4. Annabel: It's ok, just not really my style. I would say it's tied with Florence. NN: Anna, Annie, Belle, Bella. I like how many nns there are! Perks: This goes nicely with Isaac, and if you intended on having a 3rd child who turned out to be a boy, it goes well with Miles too. Isaac and Annabel. Isaac, Annabel, and Miles.

    Ok, new order I think:
    Camilla, Josephine, Annabel and Florence.
    Camilla, Flora, Josephine and Annabel.

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    I love your naming style. You have some wonderful choices on your girls list. With the vintage charm and Biblical strength of Isaac, I would rank them in this order.

    1 Josephine
    2 Annabel
    3 Florence
    4 Camilla
    All the best,

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    1. Annabel: Lovely name. It's the perfect balance of frilly and strong, and with its range of nicknames it works well for any personality type. Plus it goes beautifully with Isaac (which is a fantastic name, by the way).
    2. Josephine: I love Josephine! It's sweet, vintage and sophisticated, and has the adorable nicknames Josie, Jo and Sephy.
    3. Florence: Very pretty, but it drifts in and out of favor with me. Sometimes it seems lovely; sometimes it seems too stuffy. I slightly prefer Fleur.
    4. Camilla: Not my style. I think it's the Cam part I don't like.

    I think overall Annabel goes best with Isaac. They're both classic but have a modern feel to them.
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