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    Final four - ten weeks to go :)

    HI Berries,
    I have 10 weeks until DC's expected arrival. We have a DS Isaac. If this DC is a boy he'll be Miles Theodore. We struggling so much on girls but think this might be the final four.
    Please rank in order of preference, with reasons if you have time! New suggestions are always welcome.

    Florence, Camilla, Josephine, Annabel

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    Oct 2013
    My favorite is Annabel! Camilla second, then Florence, Josephine last (though its very lovely all the same).

    For middles, I like Annabel Violet/Viola, Camilla Rose, Florence Amelie, and Josephine May or Josephine Grace.
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    In the order I like them with Isaac:
    Annabel-sounds just so sweet with Isaac!
    Josephine-on my list for middle names
    Florence-also on my list for middle names
    Camilla-this one never was on my list of favorites, but is still stylish, just not something I would choose

    Baby Cosima,
    expected to arrive in or around September

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    Camilla and Josephine are both lovely. I quite like Annabel as well but am hearing it a lot lately so I'd rank it slightly behind the other two.

    I have never liked Florence, I'm not sure why.

    I think they all go equally well with Isaac.

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    camilla josephine is very pretty!
    Not expecting, just having fun collecting names!

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