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    What about going with one of your very classic names and coming up with a cute nick name? There's so much more personality/ variety available with different nicknames that could be adorable.

    Mary Jean Bezawit Dell (another rhyme & to use your sub names)
    with nickname Mimi or Mimzie or Minnie or Mollie or Polly

    Elizabeth Jean Bezawit Dell
    with nickname Lizzie, Betsy, Eliza, Bethy, Lettie

    Louise/Louisa Jean Bezawit Dell
    with nickname Lou, Lulu, Lola, Ouize/ Ouiza, Louie

    Margaret Jean Bezawit Dell
    with nickname Mags, Maggie, Meg, Margie, Peg, Pet

    And my favorite from your signature list: Hattie Jean Bezawit Dell- no nickname needed, and it even sounds adorable with Jean "Hattie Jean"- very old school cute. You don't have to go "international" on your name choice if you don't want to- go with what you like and what she looks like!

    Veda is a very beautiful name, as well, so if you love it, go for it! Also the spelling Vada, like in My Girl.

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    I love love love Hattie as well- I just can't decide if I should consider it considering a good friend of mine just had a Hadassah (Haddy). She's not local- but we're still quite close.

    Thank you for your great suggestions! I really love them. And it makes me want to hold onto my love for very traditional names.
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    Wow, how exciting! I love the suggestions from keelyelise; I like Hattie too, and I think your naming tastes are great, I'm glad you're going to hold onto your passion for very classic names.
    Of all the names mentioned, my favourite is Veda. I know you don't like Vera, but is Vivia your style? It reminds me a little of Veda.
    All the best with your name brain-storming (name-storming?) and keep us posted!
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    My faves for you:

    Henriette Frances

    Elizabeth Margaret
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