View Poll Results: Eliana or Caroline for first name?

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  • Eliana Caroline

    21 36.84%
  • Caroline Eliana

    22 38.60%
  • Anna Caroline

    14 24.56%
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    I voted for Anna Caroline. I much prefer Caroline to Eliana, which I don't like at all. Anna has the kind of beauty that creeps up on you, kind of dramatic and mysterious like the bewitching Mme Karenina. Caroline is sweet, warm, and friendly. She's dainty and delicate but spunky and fun. The similarly classic styles and long histories contrast with their rather different vibes. Beautiful name!

    I agree that in an ideal world her first name would be Caroline if that's what you intend to call her. But personally I just don't like Eliana, and I agree Anna Caroline sounds better than Caroline Anna.
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    Seems to be split between Eliana and Caroline, just as I am! I do seem to prefer classic names, is Eliana too trendy?

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    Anna Caroline is a gorgeously classic and elegant combo. Eliana isn't my style. Caroline would be my second choice for a first name.
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    With your son's name I would choose Caroline Eliana.

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    I like Eliana Caroline the best because I love the El-names.

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