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    Red face Now the REALLY hard part!! X2

    I have officially decided on my hypothetical sibset! Gosh, I can't wait to have kids! Anyways. Deveraux, Amadeus, and Sophronia!

    Now on to middle names.. I would prefer, but not completely necessary, that neither middle name start with the letters 'D' or 'A'

    So far all I have come up with is Deveraux Miles? Maybe Amadeus Henry? I'm not sure I am wanting the middle name to balance out the first, but nothing too plain either!

    I was thinking maybe to get through high school without such a mouthful, Dev or Devor? Ames or Ace? Whadya think? Sophronia is a lot harder haha, all I can come up with is Sophie (bleh) and Roni lol no.

    Also, for a bonus, if another brother were in the sibset, what would you name him? Maybe Finnegan, Grffin, Julian, Burke, Percival?

    Thank you soooo much Berries, you have really helped me make the best list ever! Now, Ill have to find a husband that agrees with my name choices! Haha

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    ~ * Anyone got any ideas? * ~

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    For middle names, Deveraux Miles and Amadeus Henry are nice. Some other thoughts:
    Deveraux: Halley, William, Linden, Liam, Dawson, Leighton
    Amadeus: Hart, Logan, Linden, Jack, Rowan, Gordon
    Sophronia: Clarisse, Clare, Lilith, Maisie, Elspeth, Nell, Millie, Fallon, Faye, Willow, Axelle, Melle, Ruby, Rue, Luna

    Some less conventional ideas for Sophronia nns: Nia, Sosie, Ro, Phronsie.
    For Amadeus, one more nn possibility is Day. There's also Ro for Deveraux.

    I like Percival for another brother.
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    Very interesting sibling set. I really like the names you chose.

    For Deveraux:

    I really like Dev for a nickname. Raux could be an opinion too. Some middle name suggestions, I would say Lionel, Holden, Emmett, Malcolm, Beckham, Beckett, Atticus, Aloysius, and Ulysses.

    For Amadeus:

    Ames is a nice nickname; there's also maybe Amos. I prefer Ames though. Potential middles: Lucian, Lucifer, Maximilian, Evander, Olan, Roman, Olivier, Gray, Marshall, Liam, Crosby, and Warrick.

    For Sophronia:

    My first nickname option would be Soph. Maybe give her a J middle so she could be SJ. Maybe even Fifi/Phi Phi or Sosie? You could also could to have her be referred by her middle name. Some suggestions: Ainsley, Isobel, Juliette, Graceland, Josephine, Mabel, Giselle, North, Quinn, Maryse, Leanor, Patience, Opal, Sistine, April, Claudette, Callista, Charlotte, Penelope, and Nicolette.

    For an another boy

    I like Finnegan and Julian from your list. I would suggest Gideon, Malachi, Maverick, Joel, Lucius, Tanix, Slater, Holden, Wayland, and Zander.

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