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    I have a bit of a wild-card suggestion for you: Aurora. It means "dawn," so there is the link to your current name, with a much more interesting/pleasing sound, and you could go by the androgynous nickname of Rory, which is spunky, edgy on a girl, a little bit quirky, and seems to fit your style (boyish names that end in "ee" sounds).

    Good luck with your transition! I feel your pain. I am in the process of changing my name as well
    I'd second this. I also think Dana is a good choice.

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    Wow, thanks to everyone who replied!

    I agree that I tend to really like names that are more masculine, but still easily go both ways. I think I'm ready to eliminate Jailen and Chandler from the list, and Julian too. Also, I think Dana is still a possibility because it's cute, but I'm still a tad bit ambivalent about it.

    Eden, Logan, Evan, Jules and Rory especially stood out to me, along with some others I'm probably forgetting. I love the idea of doing Aurora and nicknaming myself Rory, that's something interesting I've never considered. I don't know if I would do this though since I tried saying the name out loud and can't seemed to say it right, which might be a problem. Also, it's a bit girly even with the boyish nickname, so I would probably just name myself Rory alone.

    What about jay? Or Devin (I dislike the spelling Devon for some reason.) Are those too boyish? I don't know, I just kind of lean toward more boyish androgynous names. I don't know if Jamie and Casey are too cutesy for my personality, and I don't really like the spelling Jessie, so if I used this name (which I like a lot,) it would probably be Jesse.


    Thanks much!

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    I have a similar issue with my name, but thankfully it is just a middle name so I just don't tell anyone
    I do like the idea of Dana, just because it is similar to Dawn. But overall I think Logan is a really well suited name and personally would be my pick.

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    I agree w/ Mischa. Dana or Darcy would be excellent.

    Good luck and please keep us posted!
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    No, I don't think Devin is too boyish (or girlish) at all, and I actually like that the best. It seems to tick all the boxes of what you wanted. I like that it is a name I've heard around for years (so it's realistic that you would have been given this name years ago) but it has the ring of a lot of names that are on trend now (Gavin, Aidan, etc.) Dev is a cool nickname as well.

    It seems like you've put a lot of thought into this and reasoned it out well. Good luck on your naming journey!
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