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    Stealing a cousin's name?

    Do you think it's ok to re-use the name- especially given that it's a very common name, not something rare or unique. And if so, how would you approach the family member to tell/ask/give the heads up that you'll be using it?

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    If it was some super weird name, I'd say it'd be a no go but with a name like James, I don't think it's stealing. Especially since it's a family name. I am not a huge fan of the name Brian but James Brian sounds perfectly okay. I think Isla, Grant, and James make an awesome sib set.
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    I'd put James in the middle spot, and choose something more distinctive for a first name. I have a fem./diminutive version of a cousin's name, and I've always resented my parents' lack of imagination.

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    I would say no. I wouldn't even use Jameson if my nephew (full, step, adopted, whatever) was named James. It seems inconsiderate IMO. Personally, I would just put it in the middle. Or maybe use his grandfathers middle name.

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    Sounds like you've already made up your mind

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