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Thread: Arden an issue?

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    Arden an issue?

    Arden was suggested on one of my other threads and I am really falling in love with it for a boy. However I've done some searches on it and I see that it's being used more on a girl than a boy. My question is, could Arden still be used for a boy? Or is it too feminine now?

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    Arden sounds and looks like a boy's name. It has so much in common with other popular boys' names that I don't think anyone will say anything. It isn't even in the top 1000 for girls.

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    I'm not sure if it's usable or not, but Arden sounds unisex to me. I'd love to meet a boy named Arden!
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    Arden would be a great boy's name - just use a clear masculine middle name and it will be fine.

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    Thanks for your responses!! We haven't decided on official middle names but we are leaning towards Christopher or Lucas for a boy as they are family names

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