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Thread: Gemma

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    This is our chosen name for our second baby girl (due April), but I have a feeling its going to surge here in the US in the next couple of years, and its making me very nervous. Any thoughts on this?

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    It's already fairly popular in the US, though honestly the way naming trends have gone this generation it's hard to say what's going to climb, drop or stay the same. People are getting more creative and willing to go out on a limb, not to mention people often steer away from names even in the top 1000, so that makes your popular name less so than past Mary's, Jennifers and Sarahs.

    I say popular or not, if you love it go for it. She'll make it all her own.

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    I do not think it is going to get very popular. I wish my hub liked this name!! I think it is beautiful and a great, fresh take on Emma!! Do you have a MN picked out??? congrats! <3

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    Do I think it will get more popular? Yes.
    Do I think it will be anywhere near the top of the charts? No
    I think it will be a familiar name without being overused so I would definitely go for it.
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    Thank you ladies- everyone here is always so helpful!

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