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    Help! Third boy, fussy taste, running out of names!

    Hi, nameberry newbie here - feeling stuck and need some help/opinions!

    Baby boy number three on the way. Brother to Mattias Jack and Lukas Henry. Husband's family is Norwegian so hence the fussiness - I want first names that are pronounced the same way in both languages. Oliver, Thomas and Eric all fit the criteria and were on our first list but in the following five year have been used as first names by my sisters, and the cousins see each other all the time so it wouldn't work.

    The current front runner is August Mackenzie. Mackenzie is a family name (as are Jack and Henry), but it am flexible on using that. My sister has used it as a middle name for her daughter, and I had never heard of August as a girls name until today when I told a friend it was a front runner, and she said it was more of a girls names to her. I think it is more commonly used in Scandinavia than here, so she found it quite unusual.

    So I am wondering if August Mackenzie sounds feminine?

    Also, open to any and all suggestions for names that would go well with Mattias (mutt tee us) and Lukas. The main problem areas are name beginning with J or with a th that would become a hard T in Norwegian.

    Names we like include Oskar, Aleksander


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