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Thread: help!!!

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    Ok so my little girl is due a week on sunday and I still have absolutely no idea what to name her!! I do have a list but I want peoples opinions and all I seem to get of family and friends is well what do you want to call her... and I don't know!
    The names on the list are
    Jac ( not too keen on Jacqueline but I like the short of Jac)

    Please I need opinions!

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    Lilah - I like Lila. I don't like that extraneous h. I give it #3
    Bella - I give it 2nd place for being gracious and classic. People WILL assume it is short for Isabella though.
    Ivy - First place for being wonderfully simple, easy to read/say, and not in the Top Ten nor a nickname for a Top Ten name.

    I like Willow, Margaux, and Juno but not Marlowe. Poppy is only a nickname to me, and a creepy nickname at that. I do not like Ava, only name of that family I like is Eve.

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    First of all, it's great your family seems so supportive in your choices! All of these names are actually great in their own way, but if you haven't committed to a name, you may yet need to find "the one." Here are my opinions! Good luck!

    Lilah - I love this name, but I prefer the Lila spelling, even if this one is more phonetic. I don't think you could go wrong with this choice.
    Jac - I really like Jac too, and I understand not liking Jacqueline. Have you considered another Jac- name, like Jacey, Jacoba, or Jacaranda? I'd also suggest Jackson (if Emerson can be a girls' name, so can Jackson!) paired with a spunky, girly middle name. You can also make your daughter's initials spell JAC, so she could be named Josephine Ava Charlotte or Jody Arielle Clara.
    Penelope - To be perfectly honest, I think in your list, this might be the winner. Penelope is common but not overtly common (#125, about just as common as my name), AND you can use the nickname Poppy, which is also on your list. This looks to me like it might be your best option.
    Bella - I can't shake the Twilight reference.
    Ava - This is the new Jennifer of the kids of the -10s time, so I would suggest again going this route. Or you can make it a different name, like Avery or Avalon.
    Marlowe - I prefer the Marlo spelling, but this is a good one, too.
    Ivy - Nice and simple. Depends how it goes with your last name!
    Poppy - I still think this is the winner, as a nn for Penelope.
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    Lilah is sweet, frilly and pretty; a good choice that can grow well, depending on the wearer.

    Jac is just too boyish. If you're pronouncing it jack, she would share her name with a bundle of boys; and pronounced (zh'ack), it's a hybrid of Zack and Jack. Too much boy, but I do like the idea.

    Penelope could be very nice, but I have a lot of trouble seeing it on a mature adult. *BONUS* Poppy could be a nickname.

    Bella is too popular for my own taste, but that shouldn't really deter you if you love it. It is a beautiful name.

    Ava is also popular, but a little girl would enjoy having it. You could also try Aveline NN Ava or double-barrel it (e.g. Ava-Jane, Ava-Marie, Ava-Fleur, et cetera)

    Marlowe is a winner. Sweet on a little girl, but fitting on an adult, too.

    Ivy is alright, but it lacks substance to me. It's just too much nickname material.

    Poppy I only like as a nickname, but I'm not quite sure for what, yet : )


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    What about Penelope Lilah nn Poppy? These are my favorites names from your list. Another suggestion for you is Isla or Liza they are similar to Lilah, Ava, and Ivy. Also, instead of Ava, what about Eve, Eva, or Avis? I like them better since they are a little less common. Marlowe is nms, I prefer Margot or Marlies instead.

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