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    Serapia/ Serafia?

    So I absolutely adore the name Seraphina but a part of me thinks that the name may be a little too much.
    So in searching for other variants of Seraphim, I came across Serapia aka Seraphia (Serafia) which is a saint name and was wondering:

    #1 What do y'all think of these names?

    #2 Should I just stick with Seraphina as it is one of the most popular names on here (currently the #25 most searched name)? Ergo people will just assume Seraphina is her name and so she will be correcting people for the rest of her life?

    Even though Seraphina is a rare name it seems to be well known.

    You can also give your opinion of Seraphina if you so desire

    Honest opinions are more than welcome!
    Thank you to all who take the time to respond!
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    I like Serafina (this spelling) a lot! It's fiery and fierce and feminine, and there's something so striking about it. I even like Seraphina, but I generally prefer the Serafina spelling. While Serafia or Serapia interest me, I wouldn't use it. While Seraphina is angels and fire and the glory of God, I just think of the serpent in the garden with Serapia, and I think it would be quite confusing in actual use, if I'm being honest. Seraphina? What, no? Sera-fee-ah? No, it's Sarah-PEE-ah? But it looks like Seraphina! I don't know. It has the potential to be nice, but I think it'd be a headache in actuality.
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    I really like the name Seraphina! Although it's popular on Nameberry, I have yet to meet a person in real life with the name, so I don't think she'll have too much trouble with that. (I did read a fictional book when I was a kid where the cat's name was Seraphina. Sorry, that was entirely irrelevant ) I also like the spelling Serafina. As for Serapia, I'm not a massive fan- I just feel like it's awkward to pronounce. Seraphia or Serafia I like more than Serapia, but less than the original spelling.

    I think you should just go for the original spelling- to me, it doesn't come across as too much, and you could always call her "Sera" or just "Fia" or whatever other variation you can think of for a nickname
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    @ashthedreamer @dancer402 I understand what you both are saying. Okay Seraphina it is, I wouldn't corrupt the best known and liked version of the name. I just like the nicknames Sera and Fia so I was thinking I could go with Serafia to make it easier.

    I sort of wish Seraphina (ph or f spelling) would crack top 1000 so it wouldn't feel so out of place with the other names on my list,

    Thank you both

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