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    Wink Thoughts on these names???

    I'm not having children anytime soon, but I just wanted some opinions on my current favorite name combinations:

    Stella Blair
    Libby Grace

    Also, if you would like, what do you think of these names (in no particular order, I just haven't made combos of them yet )


    Feel free to suggest other names as well I tend to lean towards preppy, but not overused, names
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    I really like Stella Blair. Libby I see as more of a nickname, and Grace is very 'filler' as a middle name.

    As for the others:
    Madison: if you are going for "not overused" I would nix Madison. Madeline might be better.
    Sadie: I like Sadie, it's very lively and cute.
    Giuliana: I appreciate the whole Italian vibe, but essentially I think this spelling will create problems. Juliana is nicer in my opinion.
    Talia: very pretty, I think Talia is a solid and modern choice.
    Raina: I like this name, it reminds me of...well, rain.

    From my list to yours, I think you might like: Aria, Cecily, Coralie, Daphne, Eleni, Ember, Gemma, Hadley, Isla, Jolie, Kaia, Laurel, Livia, Mila, Nova, Nyssa, Rosalie, Ruby, Sage, Scarlett, Skye, Violet, and Willow

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    Phineas * Caspian * Orlando * Florian * Sullivan * Laszlo * Thaddeus * Virgil * Ozias * Ambrose

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    Stella Blair - I like Stella, but it could use something a little bit more uplifting for a middle.
    Libby Grace - This just isn't my style at all. Elizabeth Grace would be an improvement, I think.

    Here are some preppy girl names that I think I can live with:


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    Stella Blair - I like it.
    Libby Grace - I'd go with a longer first name, like Elizabeth. Grace is lovely as a middle, despite the fact that it's considered a "filler" name.
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    Stella Blair is nice, but not my style.
    Libby Grace is nice, but a bit too 'cutesy' for someone else mentioned, I, too, prefer Elizabeth Grace. I think Elizabeth is a good strong name and I happen to love Grace as it was my Great Grandmothers name. :-)

    The other list you have - they are nice names, but not my style. However, if I had choose one of them, I'd probably go with Madison.

    I do really like the names Harper and Emerson that someone else suggested.

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