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    Quote Originally Posted by lerenard View Post
    Stella Blair - I like Stella, but it could use something a little bit more uplifting for a middle.
    Libby Grace - This just isn't my style at all. Elizabeth Grace would be an improvement, I think.

    Here are some preppy girl names that I think I can live with:

    I never considered Emerson- but I love that!
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    Stella is such a pretty name, as is Blair, but they're completely different styles. I think Stella belongs with something feminine and classic, such as Rose, Lee/Lynn, May, or Violet.

    Libby is cute, but I definitely see it as a nickname for Elizabeth, Elisabeth, etc. Grace is usually seen as a filler name, unless matched perfectly. Elizabeth Grace seems a bit too 'safe' for me.

    Madison (which is my name) is ridiculously overused, but still has a friendly, sweet vibe, I think (I'm probably biased ) I don't know why, but Sadie just reminds me of a very uppity, bratty, privileged, popular-girl type. Giulianna I would love as Julianna. The 'Giu' doesn't really work here. Talia I adore, and Raina well... Raina is OK.
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    StellaBlair - Eh...I'm not feeling this combo. Stella Claire would be better, imo.
    LibbyGrace - Libby is too much of a nickname. How about Elisabeth with the nickname Libby?

    Madison - Too trendy.
    Sadie - Too cutesy.
    Giuliana- Very pretty! I think I prefer Juliana though.
    Talia- Lovely.
    Raina- I really like this spelled Reina ("Queen" in Spanish).
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