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    Post Middle name for Sebastian!!!! 😍

    We need help deciding on a middle name for our second son, Sebastian! Our first sons name is Oliver Lucas. I absolutely love his name and want the same for my Sebastian. Our last name is Angel- pronounced "on hell" in Spanish.

    Here is what we have and if you have any other middle name ideas please feel free to share!

    Sebastian Leo - my husbands favorite at the moment

    Sebastian Elias- at one point this was his top choice.

    Sebastian Milo

    Sebastian Rex- I think it's cool and our 18 month old Oliver loves dinosaurs so it's like he is helping us name him. My husband thinks it doesn't fit our children's background ( Mexican, Greek, Native American)

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    I like Sebastian Leo and Sebastian Rex. Rex is a really cool middle name.
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    I'm a fan of Rex and think it goes well with Sebastian. I don't think that Rex is background-specific so fitting your heritage shouldn't be a concern.

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    Leo is a perfect middle for Sebastian and Sebastian Leo goes very well as a sibling name for Oliver Lucas. nice choices

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    Yes, Leo goes well. I would stick with that choice.

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