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    Lightbulb Stuck on a first name to suit Vincent!

    Expecting mummy I won't know the sex so trying to pick names beforehand. My partner and I are set on having Vincent included if it is a little boy, preferable as a middle name BUT we are so stuck on finding something that flows!!! Really like names that a little different, perhaps something with a meaning around wolf.

    Our name if we have a little girl is Luna Mae.

    Any suggestions would be amazing!

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    I don't have a clue what's considered "different" across the pond, so hopefully other people will be able to help with suggestions. Have you considered Vincent Wolf though? I think it'd be a fantastic choice.
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    Congrats! Luna Mae is adorable! I love the name Vincent too! I do understand how you'd have flow problems with it as a mn though. How about, Orlando Vincent, Colton Vincent, Adler Vincent or Adolphus Vincent. These are all quite different IMO. Some others that sound nice as far as flow are Owen Vincent, Dion Vincent, Oscar Vincent, Ralph Vincent or Ashton Vincent.

    If using Vincent as a first name, I like Vincent Rafaele and Vincent Bernard. Best wishes to you and I hope you find the perfect name for your little one!

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    I really like Vincent! Once had a student named Vincent who went by Vince (very sweet and intelligent, and he liked to play basketball).

    If you are wanting to use Vincent as the first and something to do with Wolf in the middle how about...
    -Vincent Conan
    -Vincent Randall
    -Vincent Lowell

    I like other berries suggestions of Orlando Vincent and Vincent Wolf, both very handsome and nice.

    With Vincent in the middle how about,

    Dante Vincent
    Orion Vincent
    Jasper Vincent

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