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Thread: Don't hate...

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    From your list I really only like Lennox or Spencer for a girl. I could see Hartley on a girl, but I don't like it, reminds me of Harley. The others I think are pretty far into boy only territory.

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    My favorites are Spencer and Ellis (which is particularly wearable for a girl I think, since it sounds a bit like a cross between Alice and Ella/Ellen). Hollis is OK. I've heard Landry for a girl before but it just sounds like laundry to me.

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    I like Ellis, Lennox, Hartley, and Hollis best. I think Lennox is actually my favorite. It reminds me of the character from "the Secret Garden".

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    I quite like Landry for a girl. I wouldn't use it because if I was blessed with a girl I would use something frilly but Landry it's nice
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    Palmer, Chandler, Landry - Fine, NMS. Landry fits better on a girl than the others IMO, I think Palmer and Chandler work better on a boy, but they're uncommon enough I think any of them COULD be used for a girl without major issues.
    Ellis - This is one of those names I like to think of as totally unisex! I like it.
    Lennox - I like the idea of this on a girl with nn Lennie/Lenny, actually!
    Spencer - I prefer this on a boy, but it's not awful on a girl.
    Hartley - Could work on a girl. Not popular or known enough to be strongly gendered.
    Collins - Too close to Collin to work as a girl's name, IMO.
    Hollis - Erk, I like this for a boy! But I do think it's usable on a girl, I suppose.
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