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    Help me name my story please.

    I've been working on this piece for three years now. And I think, by now, it deserves a name.
    I just can't give it one. Nothing's working. I really need some assistance here.
    My story is about a young man, Shawn Lanicker, who commits a mercy killing against his friend and fellow solider, Astrid Keller. It's a dystopian novel, as many stories seem to be at this point. Astrid had fallen ill with an unnamed, terminal disease- that I have no intent on ever naming, actually. Most of the story is about Shawn trying to cope with his regret and coming to terms with past struggles with the help of one of his comrades, Haruko Kitabutake. He learns how to read and write, which allows him to read Astrid's diaries and short stories, giving him insight into her life as a body harvester. War and illness had driven people to turn to cannibalism.
    Shawn's real name is Samuel, after his father who murdered Shawn's mother and sisters when he was young. He was extremely close to his older sister and was traumatized by the ordeal. He had a really rough childhood and things were going well for him for just a few years before Astrid, his only source of happiness, got sick and died.
    It's all about Shawn figuring out how to cope with the struggles of life, his undiagnosed PTSD, and growing night terrors and horrific dreams.
    Yeah, that's the basic version of it all. I've been calling it Without Astrid for a while, but I honestly don't like that name very much.
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    It's a pity 'Gone' is already taken. It would have worked well here. I like the idea of a one word title though. How about 'Without.'

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