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    Brin---Mommy to Donovon Cole Michael & Cordelia Elizabeth Fleur

    Impatiently waiting for summer 2015 to ttc!
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    I love Atlas Squire! Atlas Diggory, Atlas Hewitt, or Atlas Henley would be great, as well. I wouldn't choose Henry, because it feels so 'mainstream' next to your other kids' middles. I would keep that surname/English-feel theme going - it's great!

    For Ottoline I like:

    Ottoline Catesby
    Ottoline O'Dare
    Ottoline Millay (the poet Edna St. Vincent Millay is great!)
    Ottoline Roxby
    Ottoline Eveleigh (this is an English surname, I believe)
    Ottoline Penny
    Ottoline English/Inglish
    Ottoline Clover (cute because it would be your fourth child...four-leaf Clover)
    Ottoline Temple
    Ottoline Wynston
    Ottoline Ashby

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    Wow, fantastic suggestions, I particularly like:

    Ottoline Claire, Ottoline Ruthie (Ruth sounds too blunt with our ln), Ottoline Primrose, Ottoline True, Ottoline Prudence, Ottoline Millay, Ottoline Clover.

    Atlas Teague, Atlas Henry, Atlas Lincoln, Atlas Frederick, Atlas Maxwell, Atlas Merlin, Atlas Squire, Atlas Diggory (LOVE), Atlas Henley.

    I will have to run these past dh when he gets home tonight!

    Sahm to: Eloise (06/2008) Beatrix (10/2010) Foster (07/2012) Harriet (09/2014)

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    I absolutely love Atlas (but I'm biased!)

    Your kiddos have such fabulous names.

    Here are my ideas:

    Atlas Conrad
    Atlas Lucien
    Atlas Edgar
    Atlas Lawrence
    Atlas Samuel - this is my favorite!

    Ottoline Marlowe
    Ottoline Scout
    Ottoline Margot
    Mama of Henry Atlas & Margot Story

    Other name loves:

    Girls: Phoebe, Ramona, Holiday, Matilda, Susan, Helen
    Boys: Thomas, Ulysses, Odin, Oliver

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