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    Sylvia vs Silvia

    Hi there, berries!

    I've always liked the name Sylvia - it's always seemed graceful and balletic to me, maybe because of Les Sylphides? - and recently I've being seeing a bit of buzz on here about it becoming the next Sophia.
    Anyway, today I read the name in a book and it suddenly looked slightly awkward - the 'y' just didn't have the same grace to it as it had before. It could just be a bit of name fatigue on my part, but it got me thinking about alternative spellings.

    Shakespeare spelled it Silvia, which is slightly more logical, and I think it's sweet that this spelling looks so much like the word silver, plus, if Sylvia does become mega-popular something slightly different is nice.

    I still can't choose a favourite - what do you think? And, if you have the time, what made you choose one over the other?

    Disclaimer: I'm not pregnant, just curious!
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    In an English speaking country, I'd go with Sylvia since it's the spelling most people are familiar with. Silvia would work in Europe, I think. Silvia may be 'slightly different' but if Sylvia was mega popular, it would just cause headaches (sort of like Sophia and Sofia).
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    I prefer Silvia, the original Latin spelling. I think it looks better, though Sylvia isn't that bad.

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    While I'd usually prefer to spell a name without Y, I like Sylvia with it better. It just looks more pretty to me.
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    Not to ruin Silvia for you too, but someone once commented that they always see 'saliva' when they first glimpse Silvia. I already preferred the look of Sylvia, but that sealed the deal for me.

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