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    My husband was all for finding out but I was more interested in having it be a sweet surprise after the delivery. However, at our first ultrasound we were shocked to learn that we were having twins so I agreed, that that was a big enough surprise and I wanted to know the sexes as soon as possible. Sometimes I wish we waited but I think with any future children we will find out before they are born.
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    We Have two kids and found out the gender with both of them at my ultrasound at 20 weeks. I actually really liked knowing, it helped me and my husband to feel closer to the baby before they were born. Mental preperation time too. Also I had extreme morning sickness til week 17 with my son and week 14 with my daughter (often puking 10 times a day) and it was a rewarding treat for me to know! Pregnancy feels so long and sometimes it feels like there is not much you can do but wait. I especially liked picking out art for my babies while I was still pregnant. Now that we have a son and daughter if we have more children I may be tempted to wait... We'll see. If my children have their mind set on having a " brother" or "sister" I will for sure try to find out beforehand. I would hate for them to feel disappointed once their sibling was born, ya know?
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    Can I answer even though I'm not a mom?

    I like the idea of not knowing until the baby is born. Realistically though, as much as I obsess over names now, I know that I'm going to be a nightmare when I'm actually pregnant. Knowing the baby's sex ahead of a time will equal less stress for me, because I'll only have to obsess over names for one sex.
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    @ mirimouse- I saw some dark pink Carter's crib sheets marked down to $5 the other day and bought them. Uh, $5 crib sheets? Yes, please. I don't think my son will mind, haha
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    I absolutely wanted to know with my first, to do baby shower things and pick out a name, and I absolutely want to know with my second. If it is another girl, we will know we won't have to get much. If it is a boy, we will have to get clothes and things from my sister and get some new things.

    The idea of not knowing is not really that appealing to me. I am a planner, and I don't want it to be a surprise. And the way I see it, I will not be treating the baby any differently if I know, so there is no harm in it.

    As for finding gender neutral things, strollers and bassinets and cribs aren't really a problem, but clothes are. Finding gender neutral clothes is hard because most stores are split right down the middle - pink and girly on one side, blue and masculine on the other. It would be very hard to outfit a child in only gender neutral things.
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