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    French-English name?

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    I think all the names on your list are pronounceable in English and my favorites are Gabriel and Oscar.

    There are a lot of French names that are used in English (thanks to William the Conqueror and the Normans), but many that you listed aren't the first that come to mind.

    The classics for a girl are those ending in -et/ette, -ine, -ie, and -elle: Colette, Violet, Juliet, Lisette, Charlotte, Josephine, Madeleine, Caroline, Nadine, Pauline, Micheline, Sylvie, Julie, Leonie, Amelie, Joie, Gabrielle, Noelle, Giselle, Mirabelle, etc.

    For a boy, many are the same as English (Benjamin, Joseph, Charles, Gilbert, Thomas, Xavier, Vincent, Roland, Robert), some have an -e at the end (Auguste, Alexandre, Philippe, Christophe, Rene, Zacharie, Timothee), and some with the -en/enne ending: Etienne, Sebastien, Julien. Some others: Bertrand, Yves, Pierre, Marcel, Henri, Amaury, etc.

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    Do you want it to be pronounced the same in French and English? Or just easily pronounceable in both languages? If it's the first one, it narrows down your choices a bit. If it's the second one, there are absolutely hundreds. For historical and geographical reasons, there is a lot of French in the English language, names included. There's a lot of English in French as well, though they wouldn't necessarily want to admit it.

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    The only thing that comes to mind immediately is my name, which is Elise.

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