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    Quote Originally Posted by hardertobreathe View Post
    @navyjane, thanks for the love. I know, teachers just don't care sometimes. Eleni is a great choice, it is very pretty, but it has its drawbacks with pronunciations.
    It it helps I went to school with a girl named Helena Troy...everyone calls her Helen of Troy not Helena they just go straight for Greek mythology and it's to a point where she doesn't even try to correct people. I'd rather be Eleni than walk around being called Helen of Troy for the rest of my life
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    If you like

    a popular name for your child, then you should name him/her that.

    I've always known hip (or trying to be hip) people who would never like or choose a popular ANYTHING. I've always found them tiresome.

    My tendency actually is to like names AFTER they were popular! Not to be hopelessly dated, but just because that's often what I like.

    And there is something to the idea that sometimes some names become popular because they are good names! Mason is a great name in my opinion. I think of mason jars filled with Grandma's canned fruit in the root cellar and summertime and fireflies and a lake.

    It's almost better to create your list before even checking what is in the top whatever.

    Good luck!

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    Popularity doesn't really bother me. If I love a name, I'll put it on my list, regardless of whether it is in the top 10. Most names are popular because they are excellent names, especially the classics! James should be popular. Henry, Daniel, and Elijah should be popular! At least a lot of people are naming their kids decent things.

    Of course, some of these names do get tiresome. I don't think I could stand to name a boy Jacob- I've met too many of them. It's a boring name to me now.

    And remember that popular names aren't as popular as they once were.
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    I am always an advocate for names that aren't popular. I grew up all through school as Stephanie H. My best friend for years was Stephanie D. We couldn't escape it. Eventually she started spelling her name Stef. I always knew I would never give my daughter a popular name. It's all about preference. I also teach, so a lot of popular names are put off for me because of that. Now that we are naming a second, we will be looking for another name out of the top 1000. I like plenty of names that aren't, but I won't realistically choose them. For a boy, it's not as important but I am still leaning toward something more obscure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by navyjane View Post
    I was kind of thankful for my name it's something you hear everyday, but not as a name. I was the only Navy in my class all throughout my schooling and I was rather happy about that. Nothing irritated some girls more than being Ashley M. or Jessica B. Maybe they choose the less popular route to avoid things like that, they want their child to be "unique" it's kind of the same way with alternate spellings. I think Lauren is just fine, but why Lawryn? Are we trying that hard? Than again at the end of the day to each their own.
    Ashlea, Ashleigh, Ashlee... all sound exactly the same as Ashley. I've seen so many misspellings of popular names, it makes me want to cry. Michael sounds just like Mykle, only poor Mykle will constantly have to correct everyone. That's another problem with the popularity rankings. I looked at one of the social security lists for recent years (2010-2012ish), and tallied up all the numbers for -ayden names for boys, only looking at the top 1000 list. I took that number, and divided it into half the total number of births in the US. (Obviously almost exactly half of babies would be male). Something like 8% of boys were given an -ayden name that year. I'm sure if I looked beyond the top 1000, it might be even higher. My ex called them "pretentious misspellings." He even said my name was one of those, LOL. Yep, I agree. I always had to correct people, even if I always had to answer to Firstname L. If you look at a name like Nevaeh, and all the misspellings of heaven spelled backwards, Nevaeh combined with its many misspellings is far more common than most people realize. It would probably rank closer to #30, not #39.

    That being said, with the exception of -ayden, most of these names are nowhere near as popular as some people think they are. The internet (especially nameberry) has completely changed the world of baby naming. My parents just discussed some names they'd heard, decided on a name they liked, and that was it. My husband and I stressed and stressed for months!

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