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Thread: Just Anne?

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    I really like Anne but to make up for and Plainness your daughter might resent about it, how about an unusual middle name? Something like Anne Olympia, Anne Calliope, Anne Aurelia, Anne Cordelia, Anne Hermione, Anne Sapphire, Anne Marguerite...something to spice it up a little.

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    I like it! I love the nickname Annie! But, I am also planning to name our daughter Jane, so I am a fan of underused classics!

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    Anne always make me think about Anne of Green Gables too, though I never actually read the whole stories.. weird, I know.

    I prefer Anna and other longer version, but that's only because I fancy longer names. I adore Anne on its own too.
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    I love Anne! Just Anne. I like the simplicity of it. It's classic and sweet and lovely, without being fussy or cutesy.

    I know a woman named Ann who was pregnant with her first at the same time I was. We saw each other a few months after our girls were born and she called her daughter "Elle", and I thought that was so perfect because it's simple and pretty like Ann. Ann and Elle. Well...turns out her daughter is really named Eliana. Not a bad name at all, I just liked Elle better. LOL!
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    Ordinarily I would say that Anne is classy and gorgeous in its simplicity. However, according to your signature you already have an Odelia Genevieve at home. Anne feels a little too plain next to the mysterious Odelia Genevieve - you would have to pair Anne with something magnificent and maybe a bit extravagant to equal Odelia’s great name. I’d be worried that little Anne might think of her name as boring in comparison to her sisters (despite the amazing family connection).
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