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Thread: Just Anne?

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    Just Anne?

    We're been thinking about honoring my husbands gran, who was called Anne. We've been thinking about all of the different An- names but what do you think of just Anne?

    We'll probably use the nickname Annie 99% of the time because we both love it. Also, we'd probably pair it with a more long, uncommon and interesting middle name to spunk it up a little.
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    Aha. I have a relative named Anne I'd like to honor someday, and I also went through every Anne variant I could find, only to realize that I like Anne best. Anne is really quite uncommon, but everyone can pronounce and spell it. It's graceful and ladylike. It's also more of a surprise than, say, Anna or Annabelle, which are less interesting to me because I hear them so much.

    I absolutely love Anne with a long, uncommon middle name. Anne is short enough that if she ever wants a more fanciful name, she could go by the first and middle name.
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    I love it!

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    Combining the spellings of Anne and Ann, there were 782 girls born in the US in 2012 with that name.

    It's becoming a very uncommon given name.

    Anne will stand out. She'll have an unusual name that is instantly recognizable!

    Wow, I never thought Mary or Anne would become unusual names.

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    Anne with an E

    is the best!

    I love this name, but then I grew up on Anne of Green Gables.

    Anne Cordelia?

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