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    Oct 2013

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    5: Kristiansand

    Spouse 1: Finnigan Peder Tandberg
    Spouse 2: Lillian Helga Opperud Tandberg

    Child 1:
    Amalie Charlotte

    Child 2:
    Isak Konrad

    Child 3:
    Aurora Kamilla

    Children 4:
    Astrid Ulla and Hermine Isabella

    Child 5:
    Dominik Hans

    Child 6:
    Lars Sondre

    Child 7:
    Kristian Leif who has healing powers

    Finn, Lillian, Amalie, Isak, Rora, Astrid, Hermine, Nik, Lars and Kristian.
    I have no kids, too young, but I love baby names!

    Girls: Anais, Anya, Annelise, Imogen, Zoe, Niamh, Ella, Marija, Grace, Jensen, Love, Electra, Xanthene, Poem, Agatha, Amoret, India

    Boys: George, Alexander, Peter, Mordecai, Sawyer, Isaac, Kai, Xavier, Julian, Everest

    Ella Grace
    George Alexander
    Niamh Grace
    Mordecai Peter
    Electra Love
    Anais Xanthene
    India Amoret
    Everest Kai

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    The Bergene family of Arendal

    DH: Edvard Torjus Bergene
    DW: Oda Marit Bruvik-Bergene

    DD: Charlotte Rose Bergene
    DD: Elisabet Anna Bergene
    DD: Emilie Linnea Bergene
    DS: Kristian Erik Bergene
    DS: Simon Johannes Bergene
    DD: Hanna Alette Bergene (invisibility)
    DD: Laila Marianne Bergene
    *~~Savanna Marie, Aria Kathleen, Scarlett Ann, Genevieve Leigh, Emery Lucille~~*

    *~~Zachary James, Nicholas Robert, Theodore John, Daniel Joshua, Benjamin Oliver~~*

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    My name is Isabella Katrin Alstad (born Isabella Katrin Solberg). I live in Oslo, Arendelle with my husband Mathias Finn Alstad and our children.
    Helene Rose Alstad is fourteen
    Bendik Tobias Alstad is twelve
    Linnea Cecilie Alstad is eleven
    Juliane Marthe Alstad is nine and has the gift of prophecy
    Simon Caspian Alstad and Luna Marit Alstad are eight
    Mikkel Dag Alstad is six
    Ester Kornelia Alstad and Sebastian Leif Alstad are five

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    KC => SC
    Location: Bergen

    LN: Larsen

    Select a maiden or unmarried name in addition to your last name.

    DH: Aleksander Larsen
    DW: Alice Fjeld
    DD: Elsa Johanne Larsen
    DD: Anna Mathilde Larsen
    DS: Torben Kasper Larsen
    DS: Sindre Olaf Larsen
    DD: Liv Karoline Larsen
    DS: Fabian Sven Larsen
    DD/DS: Ada Frøya Larsen (ability to persuade people into doing what they want)/ Kai Andreas Larsen (ability to create fire and warmth
    Abby | 18 | Dancer | Writer
    My loves...
    Sabrina Auli’i, Maeve Liliana, & Iris Michaela
    Cassian Micah, Torin Elliot, & Leo Matthias

    Alessia Faye, Chiara Juniper, Mattea Sophie, Sabina Leilani, & Viviana Piper


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