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Thread: Peter Cormac

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    I really like it! Peter is an awesome classic that doesn't get used enough, and Cormac adds some spice to the combo. A perfect combination in my book, classic and unexpected!
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    I think it sounds great! Peter is such a classic name and amazingly hasn't been taken by my husband's male-heavy family, but unfortunately with our surname it would sound like "Peterborough" which is a town close to where I grew up.

    Peter Cormac is awesome, two thumbs up!
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    I think the combo of Peter Cormac sounds fine together. I don't know how they would sound with an "M" surname (if it's something like Mackenzie then it wouldn't be ideal). Since the fn and last name are the names we use most in real life, it's not a deal-breaker.
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    Thanks for all the great input! And no "Mc" in our surname

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    I love this combo! Cormac has recently became one of my favorite names and I fall in the same category as you with having a last name that starts with M. Fortunately it doesn't start with Mc lol.
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