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Thread: Tacky or cute?

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    I think if you use Hattie as a nn then it’s connection to hockey is rather fun - since you’re a fan. As a first I’d probably advise against it.
    Besides Harriet and Henrietta these are other H-t names I’ve come up with. Hopefully that helps:

    Hacinthia (or Hyacintha), Hestia, Hester, Heather, Hortense, Hartleigh (this one feels a bit trendy to me but I think would be a nice fit). I think my favorites are Hyacintha and Hestia.

    There are more you can use NB’s super -searcher to look for names with certain letters in them. It might help.
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    I don't really like any of those either; sorry! :-( I'm super picky when it comes to names. To me, Hiacinthia/Hyacinthia, Hestia, Hester, and Hortense don't really sound appealing or pretty; I find Heather to be a bit too dated for my taste & Hartleigh is too trendy (I'm a huge lover of classic/vintage/old fashioned, I can't really think of a trendy name that I like)

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    This one is rough. You could always use Henrietta as a MN, that would still give you the option of Hattie as a NN.

    Here are a few others I dug up out of the depths of nameberry:

    oh and to answer your question, I don't think it's tacky at all! I think it's cute. I play hockey myself and I have several hockey related names on my list! Lol
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    Matilda might work although the nickname is a stretch. It has the "t" sound.

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