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    Unhappy Ugh...need help please....

    Ok, so I absolutely fell in love with the name Shepherd and now hubs doesn't like it. He doesn't hate it, but he doesn't love it either.

    I REALLY want a word name with religious connotation. Our other son is Creed, which we both LOVE. We also love the name Ransom, but a cousin used it.

    Other names I love, but he doesn't are, Valor, Courage, Noble, pretty much anything like that. I feel like I have exhausted everything I can find online with religious word and virtue names and I'm hoping one of you lovely people have something for me that will knock our socks off....

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    Alice, Blair, Blythe, Claire, Elizabeth, Evelyn, Fleur, Grace, Isobel, Madeline, Rosamund

    Elliott, Elroy, Everett, Ezra, Henry, James, Malachi, Nathaniel, Theodore

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    I love Earnest.

    And honestly, out of all the names you mention, I think Shepard is the best! Plus "Shep" is an adorable nickname.

    Good luck!

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    Fight for Shepard it is the best in your list I love it!

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