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    Sibling name for baby girl #5


    So here I am trying to narrow down and explore baby names for yet another girl to add to my collection

    Background info: My name is Rebecca Dolores and hubby's name is just Erik (no middle name). Our little ladies are named:

    Luciana Amara
    Emme Angel
    Roslyn Erika
    Keira Isela

    I have a few I am considering- that I feel go together with these other names- and so far they are:

    So, first question is how about these names I have? And can you add in any brilliant suggestions for their new sibling?

    I don't really like popular names like Sophia, Olivia, or other names found on the top 50 lists, and I'm not into anything with a weird shortened name. I was always afraid of "Lucy" but my daughter is 9 now and prefers it and I do think it's cute. But, for example, I love the name Katarina but just can't get past the idea that she will end up being "Kat". As far as other personal criteria for names, I would like a name that flows well with these names that are either considered Italian, Mexican, or Latino - not sure how it would be described. Doesn't have to be limited to those, but just as an idea. I do feel like these names are similar to other names I our culture, but still not overused.

    That's pretty much it, I think.

    Thanks in advance for any input or advice!

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    Thisbe Nathalia Primrose ~ Helen Guinevere Mathilde ~ Ramona Lily Harper
    Arthur Victor Michiel ~ Connor Lucas Jacob ~ Iann Hidde Crispin

    Other names: Edith ~ Claire ~ Agnes ~ Margot ~ Quinten ~ Henry ~ Lancelot

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    I think Violette is the perfect choice!

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