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    I love love love Briar, Calla, and Luna. I am not a huge fan of the rest. From the boys, I prefer Levi.
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    Avalynn--- Pretty, but I prefer just Ava. I adore Ava. It's gorgeous and spunky at the same time.
    Harper-- Cute but not my favorite. I like it as a middle name.
    Calla-- Seems incomplete to me.
    Sequoia -- nn Seeka or Quoia--- NMS. I see it as more of a boy's name. But I do think Quoia is a cute nn.
    Briar-- Lovely. The best pick with Lynn I think.
    Io -- prn Eye-o. This is a dumb reason to not like a name, but it just seems too short.
    Kaya-- Sweet.
    Aya -- Ava is better.
    Clementine -- Adore it! I like all of your nn preferences, especially Em and Eme (though I love the full out name).
    Evangeline -- Love! Evie is adorable.
    Luna-- Very cute! Reminds me of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter and I love her character.

    My favorites are Ava, Clementine, Evangeline, and Luna.
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    boyandgirl -- Clementine is a name I love but can't really explain why!

    Matti12 -- thanks for the detailed input. I love the name Bodhi/Bo and every time I pull away from it I meander back. Can't be helped.

    Saracita00 -- thanks. I never thought about Harper Lynn being so close to Harper Lee. Or Calla Lily / Calla Lynn. I do agree that with certain names it just doesn't work.

    Marshmallow1207 -- I've noticed that Briar gets a lot of mixed reviews. When I think of Briar I think of Sweetbrier which is a beautiful wild rose that has thorns, yes, but beauty with an edge. Caia is a pretty alternative spelling for Kaya. Thanks!

    Shilo -- yes! I love love those ones too. Gah.

    Stlmama225 -- I think of Kaya, Aya and Ava I like Ava best too. This one has my mom's vote. I think it's funny that people one gripe with the name Io is that it is too short, as sound-wise it has two syllables. Just the look I guess.

    Thanks everyone for the input so far!

    With Evangeline I'm just a little off-put by the association with Evangelicalism. While we are not religious or around very many overly religious people and living in a very liberal state, my boyfriend does have family who is indeed Evangelical. Is this a deal breaker? Can't quite put aside so I'm thinking it is.

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    I really like Levi. I'd go with that.

    If you are worried about gender boundaries, you can name her Olivia, and only call her Levi. That can help ease some tension with people/make her gender more obvious on a class roster
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    If I were to narrow it down to 3...

    Ava: It's a little on the popular side, but since that doesn't bother you, I think it's classic and beautiful.

    Clementine: I love the nn Mina!

    Evangeline: I'm probably in the minority, but I like the -lyn ending as well as the -leen ending, if not more. Evie is really sweet, and Eva as a possibility is great, too
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