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Thread: Swanhilde!

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    Doesn't she just sound like a fairytale princess?

    I know it seems like a pretty heavy name, but I love it so much! Does anyone out there in Nameberryland agree, or am I crazy?

    Do you have any other names with a similar vibe? Or names that just don't get enough love? Let's hear 'em!

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    I love the sound of Swanhilde and it does have a very elegant, princessy vibe. But I can't disassociate it with Giuseppina Bozzacchi, the first dancer to dance the role of Swanhilde from Coppélia, who died an early death from illness on her seventeenth birthday. So I find Swanhilde too sad to use, and Giuseppina too, pity because they're both beautiful names.
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    I have a strange attraction to this name, and I usually detest 'Sv-' and 'Sw-' names. It's very princessy. Lovely name!
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    Beautiful but SO will never indulge me.
    I don't even think I can convince him to use this for a middle.
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    To be honest, I dislike this one. It seems very clunky and one of those terms that makes me cringe, like "crust"
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