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Thread: -ia names!

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    Oh lordy-lou I’m totally obsessed with -ia names and really had to reprimand myself while compiling my top list to not only use -ia names.

    Here are some of my favorites:
    Aurelia, Gaia, Honoria, Hortensia Illyria, Noreia, Ofelia/Ophelia, Petunia, Sofia/Sophia, Valencia, Wisteria and Zenobia
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    I also like a lot of -ia names, especially Cassia, Jesenia, Junia, and Zinnia.
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    I also LOVE so many -ia names. Avia is an absolute favourite of mine. A beautiful, unique spin off Ava.

    I love how -ia names can be your popular, pretty names like Olivia or Sophia and your classic names like Petunia or Sylvia. But then they can also put a spin on some old favourites like Cassandra to Cassia or June to Junia. It turns already beautiful names into something a bit more modern and interesting.
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    Oh my, I love so many -ia names! Cordelia, Victoria, and Portia are among my favourite names (in my signature). I also love- though not quite enough to use- Aurelia, Arcadia, Eugenia, Eulalia, Cambria, Caledonia, Berengaria, Olivia, Celia/Cecelia, Titania, Tatiana, Anastasia, Natalya (I prefer this to Natalia but same sound), Illyria, Antonia... so many more... I love the sound of Ophelia but hated her character, I found her far too passive and submissive, so I wouldn't use it.
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    I knew I was forgetting so many good ones! Cordelia, Portia, Ambrosia (!!!!! I met a little girl named Ambrosia at my old job--can I say: cutest. kid. ever! I think Ambrosia nn Rosie is just the cutest!), Julia (how in the world did I forget this?!), Xenia (not sure about the look, but I loved the teenager on the first season of The Voice--I think it was spelled the same; prn. SEN-ya. I think it's so breathy and gorgeous!), Wisteria, Georgia, Cecilia... I knew I was forgetting a crap-load!

    I have found that I rarely add them to my list (Olivia and Julia are the only ones I've used up front on my short list at any period in time--Lydia and Ophelia are middles for me right now; I've considered Sylvia and Emilia quite seriously, though), but I find that I always seem to swoon over the -ia names! Aurelia, Emilia, Sylvia, and Ophelia, in particular. le sigh. They're just so gorgeous! I'd love to hear more, if anyone has any that hasn't been mentioned!
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