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Thread: -ia names!

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    -ia names!

    It's recently come to my attention how much I love -ia names! They seem so timeless and classic, and yet in a lush, feminine, unexpected way. I only have one on my list as a FN (Olivia), but there's Lydia, Sylvia, Aurelia, Ophelia, Sofia, Lucia, Lilia, Emilia, Zenobia, Zinnia, Adelia, Zelia, etc.

    Anyway. I was just curious if there were other Berries out there who loved these. What are your favorite -ia names?
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    I also really like Zinnia. I used to love Olivia but popularity removed it from my radar but I do think it is so cute...
    I like Lydia, Ophelia, and Sylvia

    I really like Cambria, Olympia, Dahlia, and Alexandria or Zandria

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    How about Xenia? (It's a location in OH I came across in genealogy it as a girl's name!)

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    Me! My faves are Lucia, Cassia, Emilia, Amelia, Dahlia, Saskia, and to a lesser extent Georgia, Celia, Natalia, Thalia, Cordelia, Aurelia, Ophelia....
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    My daughter is Sylvia. I also like Julia, Gloria, and Lavinia.

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