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    I love Hazel Persephone! Pomeline is also beautiful and unusual, but I prefer the history of Persephone.

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    I strongly prefer the lovely Hazel Pomeline. Whenever I see Persephone, I just see Purse-phone. Sorry :-/
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    Thank you for all the responses!

    The Greek myth of Persephone does not bother me. I know many see it as dark but I actually like the connection to the seasons and the meaning behind it. I also just think it's a beautiful sounding name.

    The double botanical reference doesn't bother me here (usually it does) because while I studied French and therefore the image of an apple is in some ways connected to the name, the "line" ending is so evocative of a name for me that that's what I hear first. Just like I don't hear the "add" in Addison, the "con" in Conrad, etc.

    Regardless, I think you have convinced me to stick with Hazel Pomeline. We won't decide until she's here anyway, but i won't go nuts trying to convince DH to switch out the middle name in this combo the time being

    I think I'm just starting to realize that in choosing a name I'm forsaking all the other ones that I love! (This is our last child.)

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    I prefer Pomeline, but if you like the meaning of Persephone, go for it
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    Hazel pomeline flows much better imo I agree that persephone is too much syllable wise. Persephone hazel is ok tho

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