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    There is a long running radio host in my area named Delilah, but otherwise it is an unusual and lovely choice. I agree with others that the biblical concerns are not very strong due to the fact that many people in the bible were sinners and we still use their names. Unfortunately, Delilah (like Eve) was employed to make women appear to be the downfall of mankind. It's not a very pretty connection, but you could argue that using the name diminishes such stereotypes.

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    I’m pretty much in accordance with the “Delilah could be difficult” idea. Maybe you can start a discussion with someone you trust from his family that goes something like “we are considering biblical names, any advice on names you really like or dislike?” If Delilah doesn’t come up you are golden - if it comes up as a name they like: awesome. If it comes up as a name they really dislike or think it inappropriate I would probably avoid it.

    We can give you all the advice we want but when it comes down to how a specific family feels toward a specific name - especially when religion is in the mix. You will only really know when you talk to them. My super religious family would hate Delilah, but my SO’s very Irish Catholic family loves it. So really I will come down to his specific family.
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    Well I talked to my MIL today and mentioned how we've been looking at name ideas and came across Delilah and asked if she would be offended or anything of the sort. Her response? "That would be one of the most horrible stigmas to give a poor, innocent child!". So I'm thinking Delilah will be a no-go at this point

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    I'm not even religious at all and Delilah always sounds suspicious to me. It's sort of like Lilith. Great names, but reality bites. Other people are going to react negatively-- so why set your daughter up for that? And while yes maybe Puritans used it-- we don't live in the 1600s, and enough people find the name distasteful to make it less than neutral. Why set your daughter up for that?

    Also, the radio host Delilah (who is super Christian?! pretty incongruous) is inescapable in my part of the world-- every Korean deli in NYC plays her in the evenings. She is very mawkish and sentimental and NOT exactly the best association for the name.

    Lila is a beautiful name. So is Dahlia. I prefer both to Delilah actually. Maybe one of those? Good luck!

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