View Poll Results: What do we name Lucian's twin?

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  • Jasper

    22 40.00%
  • Vincent

    19 34.55%
  • Silas

    10 18.18%
  • Avery

    4 7.27%
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    Help us choose a name for Lucian's twin!

    I am pregnant with twin boys and my husband and I agree on one name: Lucian. Please vote for which name you like best to go with him and if you have the time, we'd love to know why!

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    I voted for Jasper but I also like Vincent.

    Here are some further suggestions:
    Lucian & Cedric
    Lucian & Evander
    Lucian & Marius
    Lucian & Finian (nns. Luke & Finn)
    Lucian & Emile
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    I voted for Jasper too - I like that it has a soft 's' sound like Lucian, with a similar vintage feel and similar length, but mixes it up with a different number of syllables and different initials. Harmony, but difference - a perfect pick for twins
    I also like Vincent with Lucian - I like that it has the same 'c' and 'n' sounds as Lucian, but I just don't like the name individually as much as I like Lucian and Jasper.
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    I voted for Vincent, with Jasper a close second. Vincent is like Lucian : vintage but not boring or fusty, it sounds great and it has a perennial, international vibe that I really like (and I can totally picture a little Lucian and a little Vincent playing together!).

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    I absolutely love the name Lucian. When I went for vote for his twin, I wanted to cast my vote for "Not Avery". It totally lacks the substance, character and appeal of the other names. I think Silas is a winner for sure, but the Vincent and Jasper are handsome as well.

    Best of luck!

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