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    We only have two but would like a third at some point for many of the same reasons you listed (I love babies, pregnancy, love watching my kids interact and enjoying a general feeling of chaos) but for us I know this may sound silly but I would really eventually like to have grandchildren. It seems to me that more and more people are choosing not to have children and I would never want to pressure my children into having kids but I figure if we have three it's fairly likely that one will choose to have children. We don't have twins and already have a boy and a girl. When my daughter was born I had moments wondering what had a I done having a second child since there were times where it was really crazy and my son had a rough adjustment. But there are other moments that I look at my kids and think WOW I am so glad we have both of them and that they have each other. I would assume it would be the same with a third.
    We live in the US and on one income. Money is fairly tight right now but we still are able to meet all our needs and have money for some extras (occasionally eating out, annual cheap vacations and saving money for our children's college education). We realize that some of these things might need to be adjusted for a third but since we already have a boy and a girl there won't be many things we'll need to buy. We plan to save the same amount for college but it'll be split three ways instead of two ways, which might not be fair but when I eventually go back to work we plan to pick up on the saving. We live in a small by American standards house and most likely the big thing for us with adding a third is that we aren't moving anytime soon unless my husband gets a really awesome new job or something.
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    Just wanted to butt in as another non-mother:
    I am a twin. My twin sister and I are three years older than our younger brother. As much as I complain that he's annoying (it's sort of my right ), I really, really love having another sibling. It means there's always someone to play cards with, go swimming with, conspire with, etc. I'm so glad that I have him! My parents were actually wondering about a 4th (which I would have loved), but they were worried they might end up with 5 and that's where they drew the line!
    So - as the older twin sibling, I would recommend it!

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    @jem: Thank you SO much for sharing your experience! One of my husbands top fears (other than the financial and his own time constraints) is that the boys won't be interested in a sibling. While every family is unique, it is nice to hear that it works out well for some!
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    Babies are lovely, and I almost always think that people ought to have more if they want to.

    Just one question- if you had another set of twin boys, would you be happy about that? I think that your chance of having multiples again is quadrupled or something since you have already had one set.

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    I am one of two. I have brother who is six years younger than me. My Mum got pregnant in between my brother and I; but unfortunately there were complications and the baby died. I grew up in a very large family, my Mum is one of ten, so she was an aunt before she was even born. Growing up we were always surrounded by cousins and due to a few different reasons we had many of them living with us on-off for most of our childhood. Particularly my Mum's old sister's children as they were very close and at times, lived rurally so they would stay with us. My aunt had a son who was six months younger than me and a daughter a year older than my brother. So we could all relate fairly easily to one another. Basically my brother and I grew up as two of four for the most part. They were with us on holidays, birthdays etc. And then my aunt died in 2010, so now they still come over weekly or every second weekend (depending if their free as the oldest works/drives.) Looking back at that experience, I don't think I could ever have less than three when I have children, because I remember how great it was to be one of four. Plus, my brother and I are incredibly close, so that always made things easier. I know that's a very specialized point of view; but I hope it helps
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