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    names that people go by that are unrelated to their given names....Just curious!


    In my quest to solve my name remorse issues that I have going on....I have recently found out that some people who I thought were named...... were actually called ........ at birth. For eg my husbands great Aunt was called Bonnie most of her life but was Monica when she was born!

    Anyway, I'm just finding the stories fascinating of how they ended up getting a new name and was wondering if there were anymore stories out there that you would be able to share?

    Thanks Berries!!

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    A bunch

    My mom's best friend was named Barbara Susanne but never called anything but Susanne or Sus.

    My Great Uncle John Roger was called as a little boy (early last century) Buster Brown by his father so he went his whole life as Buss or to me, Great Uncle Buss.

    My biological grandfather was named Gordon Francis but only called Pete.

    My Nana was not given a middle name on her birth certificate, but always said her full name was Marjorie Louise, so we are not sure how that happened.

    My mother-in-law is not entirely sure what she was named. Last in a huge Irish Catholic family, she always thought her name was Beverly, but paperwork shows some confusion.

    I think in the past there was a lot more of this going on. More honoring of relatives, but always with the intention of calling them their middle name.

    Also a looseness about nicknames, whether Buss or Rusty or Chip or Biff or Cricket or Bud.

    Nowadays names are guarded like the secrets of an ancient tomb before babies are born (and sometimes even afterwards!). Parents (or at least mothers) anguish about nicknames to call their child as though nicknames are specifically the domain of parents, which they are not!

    I had to laugh when I asked my high school English class the other day how they would feel if they as a girl were named Michael or Charles or as a boy were named Sophie or Catherine.

    Beyond their initial looks of horror, one cool kid said, "Not to worry. Our friends would nickname us and save us from a life of misery."
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    Most of the ones I know are either related to physical characteristics, or weird mispronunciations/variations of the first name.

    For example, my grandpa was called Red by all his friends because he had red hair. He also went by his middle name since birth, as did his own father. (They had the same first name: Campbell.)

    I knew a teenage girl named Didi, though her real name was Alet@. Her sister couldn't say it right when she was born, so it ended up as Didi, and it stuck all through school. Her FB profile is under her full name now, so I don't know if she ended up choosing to ditch the nickname.

    My uncle was called Fritz in high school and college instead of his given name Francois, only because they had moved from Montreal to Florida and no one could pronounce Francois. No one uses Fritz any more, except members our family who kept it going as a nickname.
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    My grandfather Roland Parker has gone by Butch his entire adult life. No idea where it came from, but he hates Roland.
    I know a boy named Harry that went by Skippy exclusively, to the point where I didn't know his real name.
    Thanks to me, many of my friends have nicknames unrelated to their names or only tangentially related. My friend Abby also answers to Bumble, my friend Lydia to McGee, and my friend McKenna to Uniqua.
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    Uh, my childhood friend called me Anna. I still use it sometimes and maybe people think it was taken from my middle name, but actually my friends picked it up from a character in TV program they watched.
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