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    I think Violet is a lovely name. Go for it! You've been given a lot of lovely suggestions to go with it.


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    I know one little Violet, and I think it is a beautiful choice. I don't think of violent at all. Actually, my husband always mixes Violet up with the name Olive because they have similar letters. Violet to me is feminine and flowery, but also has a gothic feel that really sets it off.

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    I know a little Violet with an adorable little sister. Her parents choose a beautiful and fairly common old greek name, with a floral mn for the second child. I thought this was a very elegant way of having a floral connection without it being painfully obvious.
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    I think Violet is probably at its trendiest point right now, but I don't put it on the same level as Harper, Ava, Emma, etc. I actually like the name Violet very much. We were considering it for a while, but the more I thought about it, the more it did bother me that it is so close to violent. This doesn't both my husband, but it bothers me enough to have taken it off my list. I'm probably overreacting about it, but I feel like I can hear someone in the future with a weird accent or something saying the name and pronouncing it like "violent". Too close for comfort for me....
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    I like the name Violet a lot, and will probably use it as a mn for my first daughter should I be so blessed.

    the "violent" association isn't a strong one for me and would not deter me personally

    I agree with above posters about using other vintage or "old lady/man" names to go with it, like Dahlia or Warren
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