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    Opinions on the order...

    Hello berries,

    My husband and I can agree on two names for our second son due in April. Cassidy and Nash. The thing we cannot agree upon is the order, Cassidy Nash or Nash Cassidy. Our surname is Henderson. Being Australian, if we call him Cassidy it is likely that he will be called Cas pretty often, which I think is super. I like Cassidy for a boy or girl, but I don't know any Cassidy's amongst our friends and to me it's slightly more masculine being associated with Butch Cassidy, Cassidy from SVU and David Cassidy. Nash has always been a favourite for us, particularly for my husband who is a big NBA fan, so we love the names equally.

    I was just wondering if you could offer up your opinion on what you think works better in terms of the order. Please be kind - it's taken us 6 months to arrive at these two names. :-)

    Our first son's name is Spencer.

    Thanks, in advance, for your help. :-)
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    I prefer Cassidy in the first name spot. I also really like the nn Cas. Cassidy and Spencer sound nice as brothers.

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    It really depends on which first name you prefer. My problem with the combo is just that both names have the same vowel sound. Although if it were Callum Nash, I'd like it a lot, so maybe it's Cassidy that I don't love.

    Anyway, I vote Cassidy Nash and call him either Nash or Cas (or even combine the two to get Cash!).

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    Definitely Nash Cassidy. Cassidy it all girl to me. By the way, Spencer is one of my favs!

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    I think Cassidy makes a better first name because it seems more complete to me. I also like Cas as a nn, but Cassidy is a girls name to me. Therefore I voted for Nash Cassidy. It's a cool combo
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