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Thread: 7 Weeks Left...

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    7 Weeks Left...

    So, I need some help with a final decision about this baby boy who is due in 7 more weeks. Everyone is asking if we have a name and I'm getting motivated to make up my mind. It needs to not clash with our daughter's name - Linnaea, not be overly popular, ideally have a middle name starting with "e," and not have any negative associations for me after 10 years of teaching. A tall order! Here are the options right now:

    Caleb Emerson
    Cole Everett
    Miles Ewan

    Is there a better First, Middle name combination or a similar name that you like better?

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    I love Caleb Emerson! Miles Ewan is really handsome too. What about Caleb Everett or Miles Everett?
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    Linnaea {and} Christer / Matthias / Torsten

    {classic-ish names used in Sweden}
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    Cole Everett is my favourite. We would have used Cole ourselves but close friends of ours used Colton and it was, therefore, ruled out.

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    Ohhhhhhh, Miles Ewan is swoon-worthy. I love this combination and it is the clear winner to me. It has so much charm, character and strength. Nice choice!

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