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    Is Tabitha so terrible?

    The other day, I mentioned to a few friends the name I've had picked out for a girl since I was 11 years old: Tabitha. I was met with several groans and an, "Oh, no, she'll be made fun of FOREVER!"

    Maybe I spend too much time on Nameberry, but Tabitha doesn't seem like an "out there" name to me at all. I suppose in the sea of Emmas and Chloes it's a little different, but certainly not that bad.

    So... thoughts on Tabitha?

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    If you love Tabitha, than you should use it. Don't let your friends opinions change it.
    Personally, Tabitha feels really old to me, like Agnes and Margaret. But hey, Matilda made her way back, why not Tabitha. NMS, but not horrible, not too out there. And I have to admit, Tabby is a cute nickname.
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    I love it but a lot of people hate it.

    I think it's pretty easy to say, uncommon but not unheard of, and I like nature-y meanings.

    I don't think I'm going to get to use it, though, because it's not really my husband's style, and he has a rather strong sense of style.

    I like it more than some Nameberry favourites, honestly.

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    My best friend is named Tabatha, so I like it. She prefers to be called her full name though, not Tibby or Bitty or Tabby.
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    It's fine, and I don't see why she would be teased. Any name is teasable, but Tabitha is a familiar name that's easy to pronounce. Don't worry about a handful of naysayers. It's very pretty.
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