View Poll Results: Help us choose a name for our son (can choose multiple choices!)

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  • Theodore Benjamin

    45 53.57%
  • Leopold Felix

    19 22.62%
  • Benedict David

    22 26.19%
  • Abram Benjamin

    20 23.81%
  • Basil Felix

    16 19.05%
  • Raphael Sherlock (just for fun!)

    19 22.62%
  • Rupert Olivier

    17 20.24%
  • Angus (?)

    11 13.10%
  • Leonidas (?)

    5 5.95%
  • Phinneas (?)

    12 14.29%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Question Poll: Never knew we'd come up with so many options for our son!

    Hello fellow Berries! We're expecting on Valentine's Day (aww!) and we don't know the sex of our baby. I highly suspect a boy because of a certain view I saw at our anatomy scan while the tech was measuring femurs but I never got it confirmed (because where's the fun in that?)

    Anyway, at first I thought we'd have trouble coming up with even one name we liked, but now our boy list is longer than our girl list!

    Please help us narrow the field a bit! I'd like to get the list down to five or fewer by "labor" day! We're also open to fresh ideas if you've got something you'd think we'd like?

    Our inspirations are the Classics, Euro-cool, and English Gentleman names.

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    I love love love Rupert. I have never met one! I prefer Oliver spelt this way though.
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    Jasper Samuel Orion | Henrik Peter/Peter Henrik
    Alaric James | Theodore ?
    Lilith Maria | Charlotte Amara | Katarina Ivy | Beatrix Illyria

    Gemma | Cora | Rosalind | Luna | Elijah | Jeremy
    Thoughts in this thread? I'll return the favor.

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    Theodore Benjamin - overused
    Leopold Felix - ends up just being Leo
    Benedict David - needs a comeback, new way to get Ben
    Abram Benjamin - okay
    Basil Felix - feels feminine to me, no good nn option (Bas?)
    Raphael Sherlock - not bad actually
    Rupert Olivier - just thing of Rupert Grint
    Angus - meat. skip
    Leonidas - 300, skip
    Phinneas - just to get Finn? skip
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    I love Benedict David, Theodore Benjamin and Raphael Sherlock : ) I would like to suggest Roland too, because I think you might like it.

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