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    Remy as a nickname

    I have always loved the name Remy (either for a girl or a boy, but currently 36 weeks pregnant with a boy), but DH thinks it is a cute baby name that doesn't translate well into adulthood.

    Any thoughts on a full name that we could reasonably shorten to Remy? Remus and Remington do not fit our family well at all.

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    I think it would be nice for Jeremy or Jeremiah. Love Remy. Good luck!
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    Remy is the name I use when I present as male. Everyone loves it. They call it fun and charismatic and my friend Winsome calls it dashing.

    As for fuller names, since you didn't specify your style, here's random suggestions:

    Ekrem -- most noble
    Fremont -- noble protector
    Gremian -- one who enrages others
    Jeremiah -- exalted by Yahweh
    Jeremy --exalted by Yahweh
    Jeremiel -- God lifts me up
    Kerem -- vineyard
    Preman -- divine love
    Remco -- oar
    Remedio -- remedy
    Teremun -- father's acceptance
    Tremain -- from the house by the rock
    Tremont -- from the three mountains
    Zerem -- stream

    Or even names with RIM:

    Grimaldo -- mighty protector
    Grimbold -- one who is fierce and bold
    Larrimore -- armorer
    Leotrim -- courageous, brave
    Rimon -- pomegranate -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I appreciate the input! Jeremy isn't a name I find myself loving, but it might be a sweet-spot compromise if it becomes necessary.

    Our current kiddos are Owen and Zoë, so I don't want to go too out there crazy and give #3 a total mismatch.

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