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    Me: Emilia Bram.

    1. Reilly Anderson.
    2. Delaney Brennan.
    3. Lily Bryce.
    4. Savannah Chapman.
    5. Kylie Chapman.
    6. Mackenzie Edwards.
    7. Leila Fischer.
    8. Emma Hawk.
    9. Avery Hughes.
    10. Alexandria Jackson.
    11. Rebecca Keegan.
    12. Danielle Kleintz.
    13. Jennifer McNicholas.
    14. Maisie Moore.
    15. Carlie Murphy.
    16. Brigid O'Neill.
    17. Annie Oliver.
    18. Eloise Owens.
    19. Grace Phillips.
    20. Leah Richards.
    21. Casey Rivera.
    22. Vanessa Robinson.
    23. Kendall Robinson.
    24. Angelina Watson.

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    You've known since you were a little girl that you wanted to be a Girl Scout troop leader, and now that day has come. It was the middle of September, and sunshine gleamed into your living room, the meeting spot of the brand-new Girl Scout Troop 13. The little girls were going to be Daisies, kindergarten and first graders. The girl's parents had all signed up weeks in advance, most of the girls coming from an old Daisy troop that was disbanding. The girls had all arrived, calling you Miss Maria and saying hello. You went over the list of 25 girls, the largest troop you've ever heard of.

    Anderson, Selena Megan
    Brennan, Isabella Blake
    Bryce, Sarah Alexis
    Chapman, Emily Samantha
    Chapman, Savannah Victoria
    Edwards, Katelyn Trinity
    Fischer, Abbey Madalyn
    Fletcher, Devyn Rachel
    Hawk, Emma Jillian
    Hughes, Avery Gabrielle
    Jackson, Alexandria Stephanie
    Keegan, Hailey Sienna
    Kleintz: Rowan, Laura, Jane, Julie, Danielle
    McNicholas, Anita Kaylie
    Moore, Madison Stacy
    Murphy, Hayden Carlie
    O'Neill, Sophia Brigid
    Oliver, Annie Alyssa
    Owens, Eloise Hannah
    Phillips, Grace Rachael
    Richards, Jenna Aislin
    Rivera, Jordan Lindsey
    Robinson, Haley Joanne
    Robinson, Kaitliin Taylor
    Watson, Angelina Joy
    Names I love right now:
    Thomas - Wesley - Desmond - Jack - Albert - Spencer - Harry
    Annabel - Vivienne - Matilda - Sophie - Sybil - Maria - Jane

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