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    What are your thoughts on same initial twins?

    Hi Berries, I wouldn't have expected to even consider same initials for twins but while I'm waiting to find out the sex(es) of my fraternal twins, boy girl combos sharing an initial just jump out at me. Would you do it? What do you think of these?

    Ivo and Ianthe
    Caspar and Circe
    Xavier and Xanthe
    Arthur and Anais
    Rufus and Ramona

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    My brother and I have the same initial, but I think you can be way more creative. It's not tacky, it's old. But it's not necessary bad.
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    I think if you have two names that you absolutely love, and they happen to have the same initial, then use them. However, if you deliberately pick names to have the same initial, but they are not names you adore, then I think it's a little tacky.
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    I like the same initial on twins once the names aren't similar sounding.. like on the tv show 16 & Pregnant when one of the girls named their twins Ali and Aleah which I couldn't stand.. Rufus and Ramona is a very cute pairing. You could also consider using two names with the same meaning, for example, Matthew and Theodora both mean 'gift of God.'

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    I used to like same initial names on twins but then I grew out of that and thought it was a little boring. Maybe alliteration names like Ava Adelaide and Evan Elias.
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