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    Cannot come up with a name :(

    We have 4 kids:
    Kathleen Ryan (g)
    William Peter (b)
    Grace Elizabeth (g)
    Riley Claire (g)

    This last baby is a girl! My husband lines names like: Sam, camryn, Bailey, Piper, Julia

    My older girls love feminine girly names like: Vivian, Madeline

    I am all over the place. I like classic and unisex names and I don't want Riley to be the only girl with non girly name! I like sawyer, Piper, Madeline...

    Please help us!!!

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    I think that Riley sort of sticks out (not in a bad way!) so I agree that it would probably be a good idea to go for a more feminine unisex name. Piper is fantastic, and one of my favorites. It’s spunky and tomboyish, like Riley. It looks you like traditional middle names, so here are some ideas:

    Piper Margaret
    Piper Jane
    Piper Josephine
    Piper Madeline

    What about:

    Beckett Booker Cormac Cruz Dashiell Donovan Finn Hudson Jude Matteo Miles Zane

    Bronwyn Cameron Delilah Georgia Lark Maisie Paloma Sam Sasha Siena Violet Willa

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    I still really love Piper. I know it seems to be a love or hate thing, but there's the case with everything. In my books, there's no reason to dislike Piper other than it not being someone's style. It's easy a well established female name, easy to spell and pronounce, and an nice mix of familiar but different. I also think it sounds strong and spunky, and great with your other children's names. If it's what you and DH really like, I wouldn't hesitate even a little bit to use this.

    Again, I would go with a classic frilly girl's name for the middle.
    Piper Julianna
    Piper Juliet/te
    Piper Isabella
    Piper Amelia
    Piper Cordelia
    Piper Mariella
    Piper Seraphina

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    Ok this thread has been so helpful. I def want to go with a name that matches Riley more so than the others since these two will only be a year apart. I am loving Piper with all the middle names you have suggested! And thank you for the alternative-to-Piper yet similar suggestions! I'm going to run them by my husband! Thank iu so much!!!!!!!

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