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    What do you think of the sib set Calvin and Paige?

    Do you like the way Calvin and Paige sound together as a sib set?? I love both names. Calvin seems slightly quirky and Paige seems spunky to me, but my fear is that they may look and sound weird as siblings. Are they both timeless and classy? Or do they sound dated?

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    I've always liked the name Paige!!
    I love Paige and Calvin as a sib set!

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    I love Calvin and I like Paige, but I feel like a name like Calvin (kind of vintage-cool/quirky) needs something a little more interesting, if that makes sense.

    Calvin and Eloise
    Calvin and Josephine
    Calvin and Ruby
    Calvin and Winifred
    Calvin and Lydia
    Calvin and Hazel
    Calvin and Lavinia
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    I was actually afraid that Calvin would sound too vintage and Paige not vintage enough. That being said, the hubs and I can't seem to agree on a vintage girl name. I love your suggestions of Eloise and Josephine, but my husband is not a fan of Eloise and I don't like the nn Josie for Josephine. It just makes me think of Josie grossy from never been kissed. :/ The vintage names we do love are Caroline, Claire, and Charlotte, but I don't like that they all begin with C. I think it sounds too cutesy. What so you all think?

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    I agree with rowgeesee, it's definitely not bad, but Paige sounds a bit more updated than Calvin.

    Calvin and Susanna(h)
    Calvin and Justine
    Calvin and Pippa
    Calvin and Juno
    Calvin and Delia
    Calvin and Violet
    Calvin and Tess
    Calvin and Sage
    Calvin and Penelope/Penny
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